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in-wall & in-ceiling

Kerk audio in-wall and in-ceiling invisible speakers combine audio engineering with emotional resonance.

Integrated into your space, prioritizing comfort and sophistication, they eliminate visual clutter, providing a sense of simplicity and tranquility while immersing you in thrilling movies or music that sparks excitement and wonder.

With customizable sound settings, you forge a personal connection to your audio experience, satisfying your unique needs. 

Thiago Travesso_03062020_036_edited.jpg

art&photo @jesleyimagens


We embark on a unique partnership with Jesley Oliveira, a talented Brazilian artist based in Sao Paulo, to offer you an extraordinary fusion of art and powerful audio. Our in- art invisible speaker feature high-powered sound systems that deliver exceptional audio quality alongside captivating artwork. These speaker are not only powerful but also equipped with cutting-edge tech, including Bluethooth and WIFI compatibility. This means you can effortlessly connect and enjoy your favorite music from any device. 


art&photo @jesleyimagens

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